Add Kerb Appeal With A Tarmac Driveway

Spring and summer are fantastic times to add kerb appeal with a tarmac driveway – especially if you’re planning to sell your home. The autumn term brings with it the new school year and for families with a child starting senior school, this is especially important, as it often means a move to be closer to their number one choice!

If you are hoping to sell your house in order to make that move, or indeed – looking to appeal to someone re-locating to be near a school, then it’s time to think about ‘kerb appeal’. This is literally, the impression that a home makes from looking at it from the roadside.

First impressions matter hugely. If it’s a choice of a home that looks a little tired or in need of repair, then a buyer will naturally be drawn to the home that looks as if it doesn’t need as much work.

And that includes the driveway too! We’re all very territorial by nature – we like a place to put our cars. We like it defined, and we like it to look good. The best way to achieve this, with low-maintenance, is to asphalt the drive (properly). This gives it a smooth, sleek look that suggests care and attention and low-maintenance. Perfect for a good sale!

However – we inserted the word ‘properly’ into that sentence as a caution. There are no end of people who will offer to do your job for you, but there are quick ways to do it, and the ‘proper way’.

If somebody knocks on your door and offers to do it cheaply and quickly, then don’t go there. If you’re not happy with the work, there will be no come-back, and no guarantee. There are so many different scams (we will deal with them separately on another blog), and a lot of people passing through who will be very happy to take your money (just check out the horror stories on the internet if you’re not convinced). Only a reputable company that you can trace, should be responsible for this very visible and important part of your home.

Doing a good job of laying a driveway means (amongst other things):
Quality materials,
Proper excavation (down to 16-18cm)
Time taken to level the ground off properly,
The correct amount of materials (too little and it is stretched out too thinly)
Proper preparation of the ground underneath before it’s applied
Good quality edging kerbstones – laid and haunched on both sides – not to mention using the correct machinery.

It’s not a job for amateurs and fly-by-nights, so do invest in your home. It’s worth the time and effort and will improve your kerb-appeal. You’ll be on your way to that new home in no time at all!