Choosing A Contractor

Having your driveway installed properly can make all the difference. Do you want a driveway that lasts a few years? Or one that will look good and function well for 20 – 30 years?

The job has to be done ‘right’ –  and whether that’s removing and replacing an existing drive, or starting from scratch – the process is the same. So in order to make sure it’s done properly, use a reputable company.

Check a company’s credentials

There are many out there that will tell you what you want to hear – but can they provide the proof? When dealing with a company, you should ask to see work that they have completed, and then chat to the home-owner. As an extra precaution, ask to visit a site that the company is currently working on – that way you can actually see them in action.

Ask if they have any large-scale professional projects that you can view – maybe something like community tennis courts, or communal playing areas. Perhaps they’ve done work for the local authority.

Google them – use terms like ‘complaints about xxxx’, or ‘trading records for xxxxx’. Check out if they are members of any professional group. Anything you can uncover to help you make a decision is useful.

But whatever you do –remember to exercise common sense. If somebody approaches you on your own doorstep saying they ‘are just working in the area’ right now, and they can offer you a discount, then don’t even think twice. If they are ‘just in the area’ now, then that means they won’t be soon. Chances are they are travellers, and you’ll have no redress if you’re not happy with the work.

We’ve heard too often of people taking a deposit, digging up a drive, and then disappearing – leaving the home-owner being hundreds of pounds down, and in the position of having to find someone all over again. Be warned!